5 Part Course For Aspiring Podcasters!

Learn how to confidently start your podcast from idea to publishing in three weeks!




Let's face it, you listen to podcasts, you love podcasts, and you have an idea for yours. The question is, where do I start?


Have gone through the Google rabbit hole to just end up more confused?


Are you wondering how to get started with your podcast artwork? 


Are you stuck because you don't have a "recording studio"?


Are you confused with editing? How do we even start?


Are you procrastinating even though you know you have a message to tell? 


Have you gone through different hosting companies and not sure which one is the right one for you?

Look no further, all of those questions and more will be answered.


Believe me, I went through all of those questions and it took me 3 years to finally launch my podcast. I don't want you to do the same and this is why I designed a course so you can launch your show in 3 weeks instead of the 3 years it took me to launch! 


Let's Launch Your Podcast 

in 5 Easy Steps


1. Branding


Detailed process from naming to imagery for your show. Create a long lasting image your audience will connect with.


3. Editing


Best practices for editing, how-to process, and tools to help you with your audio.


5. Promote


Create a plan for your launch and rock it!


2. Recording


Find how to best format your show, add music, and create a memorable intro/outro.



4. Publish


Select a host, submit your show to podcast players, and create a workflow for future episodes.


Plus Bonus Content!


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Receive email templates to send to potential guests and post-episode promotions. 


Learn how to set up your podcast infrastructure with clear processes and systems to save you time in the long run.


Create your podcast with intention and a plan to grow. 


As I continue to learn about podcasting, the course will be updated and bonus modules will be added. You will access all of these at no additional cost. 


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I am the host and producer of the podcast Cafe con Pam. I have been podcasting for four years and have received recognition for the content, guests, and my mission to Spread Ideas, Move People. 


It took me 3 years to start my show and I don't want you to wait that long!


As a Recovering Procrastinator, I have created a step by step course that will allow you to launch that podcast you've been thinking about in four weeks!


Since 2016, I've learned a lot. I've created systems and I have also learned from other experienced podcasters that came before me.


Outside of the podcast I'm an Intuitive Brand Builder and Productivity Mentor. I can't wait to share all my knowledge with you in this course! 

Frequently asked questions




How long does the course take?

The course is self-paced and it is designed so you can finish it in four weeks. However, you can take as long as you want to complete the course. It's your time.

Do I have access to your other courses?

Of course! Once you get access to the Launch Your Podcast course, you'll be able to see all the other paid and free courses I have available.  

What if I have more questions?

I totally understand. Please send an email to hola@cafeconpam.com with your questions. We'll be happy to answer. 

What does it mean I have access to the course FOREVER?

You can login to the course until the internet disappears. The cool thing is that you will get access to new lessons and updated content as it happens. 

Can I get some coffee?

Yeah sure! Let me know when you're in San Diego, and I'll be happy to meet you at one of my favorite local shops. 


If I don't like the course, can I get a refund?

Because of the extensive time, effort, preparation and care that goes into creating our courses, we have a no refund policy. If you find yourself dissatisfied, we'll be happy to chat with you. Please email hola@cafeconpam.com



Don't wait another day to launch that show you've been thinking about


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